Watkins Glen State Park NY

Photos of Watkins Glen State Park NY visit using only the Gorge Trail. There are two ways to enter the park. The main entrance located on N Franklin St (Route 14) in Watkins Glen and the alternate on Station Road (route 409). The second is an easy walk downstream trail. There is a bus connecting the two trail heads for a ride back.

Arriving shortly after sunrise from Seneca Lake there were only a few other parties in the gorge. I walked the trail up stream to the railroad bridge overhead, which is also the location of the stairs up to the alternate entrance. I then returned back down the Gorge trail to get a different view and day light. Ask the Watkins Glen State Park ranger about the best time to take photos of the rainbow falls and plan accordingly. There are several trails high and low to explore. The Watkins Glen State Park gorge contains several waterfalls and cascades of various heights and widths. All are more dramatic with a good rainfall. The Gorge trail actually passes under a few of the falls, so you may get a little moist. It is a delightful area to explore. There is also Montour water falls located south of the main entrance right on route 14.

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The photos are not in any particular order.